Long term linkbuilding strategies that will work after any google update

long term linkbuilding strategies

Dear readers,

we know that google has hit Seos and IMers with a lot of updates lately. This is due to the fact that many websites filled the top 10 rankings with webpages that have no value to the searcher.  This has changed totally since the massive updates google spitted out lately. Many website owners complained about getting hit because of these updates. Most of the webmasters who got hit relied on this income. If you are searching online for a strategy that you know it will only work for a couple a month you are doing something wrong. You need to focus on long-term. Short term linkbuilding strategies are mostly spammy, avoid spammy backlinks. It can work for weeks or even months but you will definately get your fingers burned soon. Don’t use automated software that can generate thousands of backlinks in minutes. Yes, creating backlinks that work is more difficult then before, but patience is of the essence here.


The following strategies will harm your rankings, so avoid these.

  1. Inbound links from linkfarms, public or private blog networks or spammy sites. Many thought they could cheat the serps but then google came out with another update and deindexed all the backlinks that came from the mentioned networks. With this deindexation came a hit in ranking too.
  2. Too much exact-match anchor text: don’t use your main keyword each time as anchor text but diversify it with long tail keywords, naked urls and words like “click here”. This will look more natural.
  3. Blog spam: There are many automated software on the internet that can put thousands of spammy comments on blog sites.(if the owner accepts the comment). This will bring you only harm, so avoid this kind of tactic.
  4. Keyword stuffing: Don’t put your keyword in every sentence to think you will rank well. Google knows of this strategy and will hurt your rankings if you don’t change your article as if it’s written for a reader. Try to write as natural as possible, this will give value to the reader. If you distract the reader with too many keywords in an article the reader will go to another site in seconds.
  5. Bad article marketing:  Write each article manually and submit each of them to sites such as ezinearticles,goarticles, squidoo and many more.


So what kind of linkbuilding are good for long term?

Diversity in Link sources:

* Manual Directory submission to high pr sites if possible within the same niche.
* Leave comments on commentluv enabled blogs that give value to the readers on blogs in the same niche.

* Get Free traffic through Forum posting:

1. Start your own thread with valuable information for interested readers.

2. Find threads who are looking for an answer to their issue or problem and give a good and short answer. Don’t forget to create a signature with a link to your site so when people need to read more you can lure them to your site/blog.

* Open a google plus account.

* Write unique and original articles on social media sites like squidoo,hubpages
* Reciprocal links: Exchange blogroll links with other bloggers that write about the same subject. Don’t overdo this strategy. 3 link exchange can be enough.

*Yahoo questions/answers: a great way to help others in your niche by answering their questions. They need help from an expert in that specific niche. Find open question through the search form and reply and leave your link as a source below the answer.

* Writing a quality Press Release and submit those prs to top 5 pr sites.

*Guest posting: Find other bloggers who allready have authority within your niche and contact them for posting unique content on their site. These blogs need to be high quality blogs that are an authority in your niche.

*Document sharing: Get backlinks from sites like Scribd,Docstoc and Slideshare. Users are looking for free information on their subject so give them what they need with a link back to your site.

*Youtube: As we all know youtube is owned by google. Youtube also has it’s own ranking system. If you know how to do keyword research right it’s possible to rank one video for many terms in top 3. You then leave a link below your video and voila you can send visitors from youtube to your site.

* Classified websites: If you sell a service or product you can also use high traffic classified websites to get more targeted traffic and convert those traffic into customers.

long term linkbuilding strategies


Diversity in Anchor-Text:
* Try to variate a good number of anchor texts across your links.
* Use naked urls for some of your links.
* Mix the above with other anchor-text like “click here”, “click to continue”, “read more” for a higher CTR.
* Make use of  in-context links on other related sites.


Other Factors:

* Mix your interlinking to various pages and not only to your homepage
* Canonical issues: Use only the www or without the www in your domain name. If you use wordpress seo plugin this will be fixed easy.

* Make use of do-follow and some no-follow links mix

As described above a diversity of backlinks will look more natural to any reader and to search engine bots.


Another good strategy is to focus on engaging with users on social media sites like facebook,twitter,pinterest and linkedin. Grab their attention by writing good unique and appealing quality content. If you do this right you will receive a lot of traffic and backlinks

No more changing your linkbuilding strategy after each and every google update, just use the above long-term strategies and you will be good to go.



REMEMBER: it’s the quality of backlinks that matters not the quantity of backlinks.


I am a full time Blogger and Marketeer. I have 3 years experience in Blogging, Seo and online Marketing. I write about different subjects and give tips and tutorials on Seo Marketing.

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