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My Link Building Strategies

 It’s obvious by now that to rank well in google and other search engines a website needs to have a lot of backlinks. One of the best link building strategies is through article marketing. You can get lots of high quality backlinks by doing only this.

1. Article Marketing

Even with the recent Panda update I think that article marketing will still be one of the most effective linkbuilding strategies.  The people that fail with article marketing are the people that write for the search engines. Just try to write your articles for real people and many will republish your article and leave you a strong backlink to your site.

Here are a few of the top article directories I think are great:


www.ezinearticles.com – PR 6   Needs to be unique article otherwise it won’t be approved

www.articlecity.com – PR 6

www.articledashboard.com – PR 5

www.ideamarketers.com – PR 5

www.goarticles.com – PR 3

There are many others but i mainly focus on these ones.

Try to write one unique article and send it to ezinearticles first. When they approve the article you can go and submit the same or spinned or rewritten articles to the above article sites.

Yes, you can even use same article to submit to different article sites. But isn’t this duplicate content you say and won’t google penalize your site for this?

Yes and no. Article directories play by their own rules.

When you send articles to article sites you let your articles to be syndicated. Meaning that your article can be grabbed/republished by others as long as they link back to your site.

You can even use the same article you have on your blog or website for the article directories as long as it’s indexed. The blog post will be seen as the original when your page gets indexed. The duplicate content penalty will only be applied if you have duplicate content on your same domain name.  We will talk about this later on.


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  1. Most people don’t understand what duplicate content is. You have explained it well on this article. You need to post your articles on your site first before submitting them to Article Directories so you may hold legitimate copy right claim.

    great stuff!

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