How to outsource content and other tasks

how to outsource content

When i first started out my head was full with tasks and to do lists that i could not finish on my own.Each time i finished a task 2 were added to the list.I could not coupe with the pressure so i began with outsourcing my tasks.

A good place to find outsourcers i use are at: Odesk.com, freelancer.com. I use them many times and when i do i take my time to research on the job posting and the people i hire.

It’s very important to know how to outsource your projects to someone you don’t even have met. Take outsourcing seriously, because it can make or break your business.

The first thing you need to do is to go to one of the sites i mentioned and search for job posts that look like yours and see which ones have a good response. Try to create that same kind of job post in your own words and add things you would like to see your outsource do.

An example when i look for writers for my other sites:

“I am looking for writers who can write 10 blog posts about SUBJECT/KEYWORDS with a length of 700-1000 words. Writing needs to be in fluent English, no long sentences with commas. Research needs to be done so that the posts look original and unique. No spinning or rewriting of existing posts that you can find online. Send me your best price and proof of writing. If you read the job post please send me reply with looking for writers in the subject field”

how to outsource content

I see many people who try to make a living online cutting corners on content and other important things. WE all know that content is KING,right?Then why should you save on content when you know:

1. it’s too short, the information is too short to give value to your readers.

2. no quality

3. gibberish, people who visit your site don’t understand a bit of your content so Bounce rate will fly to the roof.


Hence i write down “value” , because that’s the most important thing when you write content. Google loves value, because value is what    searchers/visitors like.


Ok now that you have posted your job post you will see that many outsourcers will apply. The first thing to do is see who send you the sentence in subject field you mentioned in the job post. If you see outsourcers that did not put the sentence in subject field you can bet he did not read your job post at all, remove those ones that didn’t. Then do some research on the outsourcers, check their feedback (especially the negative feedback), read their example writing they send you. If the feedback and proof of writing is great and the rating is witin your budget you can pm him. Ask him if he understood the job posting. If he did you can start hiring him and maybe others too.  Please don’t think that when an outsourcer sends you good writings he will do this continiously. Always check his writing and always give your feedback.  If you do so he will think twice to give you less quality writing then before. It always your job to weed out the outsourcers that give you bad quality and motivate the good outsourcers. At the end it’s your site that you want to rank in google and google loves quality,high value posts.

The above doesn’t apply only for writing but for other tasks too.


Hope i gave you enough information on how to outsource your tasks. Any feedback or tips appreciated in the comment field below.



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