How to optimise your website to gain website speed

website speed optimisation

As we all know by now webspeed-performance is an seo factor in google rankings. This is why it’s important to start focussing on your website speed. You don’t want your visitors to wait 5-10 seconds for one webpage to load, if they do you can bet that they will go to the next website and look there for information or products they are interested in.

Ok that a side, let’s start with how to optimise your website:

First of all, before starting a website you need to have a good webhosting that is reliable(uptime 99.9%, speed,usability etc) and has good customer service. Do not waste your money on those cheap hosting you never heard off that are only popping online to get only your money and leave you with nothing .I have done it before and i burned my fingers by doing so.  If you don’t know how to install wordpress, themes and plugins I would recommend you to use our *free service we offer here. We recommend Hostgator, because they are well-known worldwide used by millions of website owners and they know how to keep you as a client for many years by giving you great services.

Optimising images

Next up is to start optimising your images without losing the quality. I use a wordpress plugin called smush.it and another online tool called dynamic drive image optimiser.I use the first because it automatically compresses the images without lifting a finger. Sometimes the images are soo big and the compression is so low, i would use the online tool to compress it even more.


Another way to optimise the speed of your wordpress site is by deactivating all plugins and then activate them one by one and test website speed at http://www.webpagetest.org. If you see one plugin takes too long to load you can delete that specific plugin and find an alternative plugin with less speed load. This part can make or break your site speed so try to do this part slowly and take your time to investigate which plugin slows your website.


Below you will find a screenshot of my websites speed before:

When you look at the #2 and #3 arrow in the picture below with blue bars you will see that some javascripts load really slow. In my  case you will see that my addthis plugin causes my site to load less faster. Normally i would go for another plugin that does the same but because my site has a site load time between 1-2sec i am fine with it.

how to speed up your wordpress site


When you look at the arrow with number 1 you can see that there is an image file named heading-box.png that doesnt load fast at 233ms.You can do the same for your site by going to webpagetest.org. What i do is find the  image file on my server and upload it to dynamicdrive(for link scroll up). I then look for the lowest kb with still good quality and reupload that picture back to my server. I compressed the picture from 22.8kb to only 2.4kb with still the same quality. And now it loads at a speed of only 119 ms, almost half the speed of the original picture. If you do this for all the big pictures your site will load much faster and the best thing is that google loves these kind of sites.



I have encountered many times that even the choice of a theme can determine the speed of your website. Some couple of times i found out that even without any plugin the site was still slow. I then figured out that some themes integrated timthumb (one of the many scripts that slow down a site),its a script that generates different size thumbnails. This script is just one of the many script that could harm your website speed. If you insist on having the timthumb script on your site you could check out this post written by Ajith Edassery who talks about how to optimise timthumb script. So always deactive your plugins first and see how fast your wordpress site loads. If it takes longer then 3-4 seconds to load a site without any plugins installed you would be better off searching for another theme.


This is my tutorial on how to speed up wordpress sites. If someone has more tips or any comment about the post please feel free to comment below.


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