How to increase website traffic to your blog

increase website traffic

7 ways to increase website traffic to your site

So finally you  created your blog and have done your onpage seo, but what to do next?The following question has been asked many times:How to get traffic to your blog?

What to do if you are just starting out with a new website that has no visitors at all?

Increase web traffic by doing Market research:

The basics for starting a blog or website is market research. Which niche will i go after?Which keywords will i use in my content?Do i have a lot of competitors in this niche? Can i even rank in top 10 in this niche?Will i get a highr ROI(return on investment) for my time and money invested in the site?These are some examples of questions you need to answer before starting a website.

Example:If you want to start a blog about “weight loss” i can tell you for sure that it will take you more then a couple of years to achieve high rankings due to the fact that is this niche has very high competition. It’s even possible that you will never will rank in such a competitive niche. Why would you compete against sites that are online for many years?Find profitable and low competition keywords is a better way to start your online venture. Doing keyword research is a great way to get more traffic to your website by finding low competition keywords that don’t need a lot of backlinks to rank.

increase website traffic

Great content:

Always write content that gives value to your visitors and is worth reading.Try to know the needs and desires of your  visitors and respond on those needs. Start doing research on the subject and then start writing from your own perspective. Don’t copy paste and edit some keywords or use a spinner to spin sentences. Google is on to these strategies with the panda and penguin updates that came out recently.Many sites have seen big drops in their rankings because of this. Also don’t stuff the keywords you got from your keyword research into the post. Just try to write as natural as possible and think about the visitors and which value you can give them.

Write content that can’t be found online, think about your strategy before writing a post. If you write unique articles visitors will see value and visit your site above others. This is one way to increase web traffic to your site.

Increase site traffic by Participating:

You need to let your visitors participate in the “conversation”. This can be done by giving feedback on comments, responding to emails. Also try to participate on other blogs in the same niche by leaving your comment with a link back to your site.



One way to get website traffic to your blog is trying to network with other bloggers or internet marketers in the same niche. You can accomplish this by putting links in your posts to other sites that you might find interesting for your readers. Eventually you will get a link back to your site from the other sites. You can also leave a compelling comment on those sites and ask them to read your post on your site.

Another way is to start networking by creating interviews with others who allready have expertise on the subject. Most of the times they will use the video on their own site which will give more exposure to your site.This will pay of in the long run.

Social media:

A great way to increase traffic to website is to establish your expertise on social media sites. Google gives more and more weight to Social media sites  these days which can have a great  impact to your serp rankings as a whole. Write interesting and compelling stuff on social media sites that shows that you are an expert on that specific niche. This can be done by linking to resources and to your own site.

Blog commenting:

Try to create blog comments on related sites that are posting about the same niche as you do and start commenting on the posts. Don’t use spammy comments (these will eventually be blocked), just  give your honest comment on the post.In the long run this will increase traffic to your blog. A great way is to find blogs that commentluv enabled.

Guest blogging:

You can reach out to sites that allready have many visitors. You can mail the webmaster or use an online form to submit your guest post with a backlink to your site. This is great because interested visitors who read the guest blog will click the anchor text and read other posts but this time on  your own site. This is a one of the better methods to increase website traffic to your site.


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