How to get more views on youtube

how to get more views on youtube

 How to get more views on Youtube

A primary way to find your videos on youtube is by searching for them. Alot of people don’t know this but youtube is actually the second largest search engine out there. Millions of videos are uploaded on youtube daily.So let’s start by registering with youtube by following this registration link: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp

Now it’s time to create an account. Fill in your first and last name and your email address.

Before uploading your videos you firstly need to digg in deeper on  keyword research. People search differently on youtube then on google.

Keyword research will be done through the youtube keyword tool. The first thing to do is to find a main keyword and put it in the box where it says: “Enter one keyword or phrase per line”. After doing so You will see many keyword variations that you can use for your video. Many times you will see “not enough data” after a keyword. This doesn’t mean the keyword has been banned, google just don’t want to show you these data. Another way to find keywords is by ticking the  “

how to get more views on youtubeOnce you have some keywords you need to search for them on youtube to do some keyword competition research. We want to see which videos are ranking allready and which keywords these videos have in their title,description and tags.

Youtube also offers a statistics button so you can see where the traffic comes from, from which keywords the traffic comes from and how many traffic etc. It’s possible that you don’t see the statistics button each time.If this happens it means that the owner disabled this function.

What i do is look for videos that have the most views and check for their keywords and how many backlinks these videos have. To find out how many backlinks the videos have is by visiting majesticseo or opensiteexplorer. If i don’t see many backlinks i scrape their keywords and add some of my own that i found through the keyword research we discussed above.

Before uploading any video to youtube you need to rename your video with your main keyword in the name for example:  dog-training.avi.


Optimise videos

Now that we know how to find keywords we need to optimise the videos. We will start optimising the video title.

Video title: A way to do this is  by typing  the main keyword at the start of the title, and at the end.Sometimes if the keyword is too long it’s not possible. If it’s a short keyword you can seperate both keywords with a “-“. For example:

How To Train Your Dog – 4 Important Dog Training Tips For Obedience Training

In the above example you see multiple keywords embedded in one video title. This is good because you can rank for many keywords if you use this strategy. What’s better: the ability to rank for one keyword or for multiple ones?The last one, right?

Now let’s go to optimising the description part.

Youtube Description: You can try to put your main keyword 3-4 times and add secondary keywords also in the description box.

The first line can be the same as you noted down for the video title. The second line will be your website link or affiliate link if you sell products or services.

After putting the link you can add content. This content will contain your secondary keywords you found when you did your keyword research. Write something about what the video is about.Try to make it at least 3-4 lines so it doesn’t look keyword stuffed.

When finishing the content writing you can add your link again with the youtube url of your video below it. If someone scrapes your description box he/she promotes your website link and your video at the same time.

Tags: Here you can place the keywords you found through keyword research and keyword competition. Don’t forget to put each keyword in quotes like this: “dog training” , “how to train a dog” etc. If you forget to use the quotes youtube will see each word as a keyword so for the first example it will see “dog” as a keyword and “training as another keyword.

Categories: Use the category that fits with the video. This is self-explaining, i hope.

Thumbnail: Choosing the right thumbnail is very important. Try to create one that stands out from all the other videos. This will draw the attention of the searchers to watch your video.

You can now click the “Save changes” button. We are done with optimising youtube videos.


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