How to get more traffic by doing forum posting

get traffic through forum posting

Forum posting – Receive more targetted traffic

Forum posting is a good way to generate traffic to your website/blog. What i do at these forums is becoming an active member there. Then i place links all over the forum that give value to the forum visitors.  An example is that i write a short post just enough to make the visitors interested to click the link which redirects them to my site. There they can read the whole post about that specific subject. What happens is that traffic floods to your site from those forums. Because i have more good stuff on my site people will essentially link to it. That’s how i can generate more backlinks to my site without creating them all by myself. What i always do is I give the readers valuable content so they might bookmark the site or even share the blog posts with others which results again in getting more visitors to my site.Getting traffic floating to your site from different natural sources shows google that your site is important which in turn will get your site ranked higher in google search engine.


Benefits of forum marketing:

– Forums keep you updated on subjects in your specific niche

– If you want to know more about your target market a forum is a good place.

– Send thousands of targetted traffic from forums to your site

– You can build many one-way links to website/blog and in turn get higher search engines rankings.

– Receive feedback from forum visitors on your posts, ideas etc.

– You can become an authority in your niche by being active on forums.


How to get traffic from forum posting

– Value:

I can’t emphasize this enough about giving value to your readers.  A good way to accomplish this is by knowing your visitors. What are they interested in? What kind of questions do they have?What problems do they face?   You can then anticipate on these questions by writing an article which give answers to their problems.  This can be free information, a product you sell as an affiliate or anything else.

–  Interaction

Being active on forums is a good way to get traffic floating to your blog. Interact with the forum members by giving answers to questions you find on forums.

– Free information

Give away your best free information and you will see people start visiting your postpage and other posts on your site. By doing this you can build your brand/name as an authority in your niche.


get traffic through forum posting


So how can we find forums related to your niche?

A good way to start is finding forums related to your market is by visiting Bigboards. This tool finds forums for you by typing in specific keywords. The tool then sorts the forums by active members, the amount of posts on the forum,Alexa ranking etc. This is a valuable tool because now we can find related forums that have active members on them.

Another way to find related forums is simply typing in your keyword phrase + forum in google search engine. An example would be “seo + forum” to find forums related to SEO.

Another way is to find vbulletin forums because many forums are created by this software.

Just head to search engine and type in a keyword and put “powered by vBulletin” in brackets. An example : seo “powered by Vbulletin”. This will give you all forums that are related to seo and are created by Vbulletin.

Now that we know how to find forums you need to browse through those forums and do some research on them by looking at questions members ask. Get familiar with the forums and be active.

 How to find killer subjects to write about?

Before you start writing content you need to do research on forum members. By reading throug posts you can find out about their problems, unsolved questions, needs, frustation and fear. This is the information your niche really wants. Then focus on those information and create killer content around those subjects.

Keep in mind when doing seo is don’t solely focus on building links from many different places but from places that gets targeted traffic floating back to your site. It’s not the quantity but the quality of the link that counts.


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