How to get higher adsense CPC ads on your website

how to get more adsense earning

Some time ago we talked about how to get a free wordpress theme for your adsense site. Hope you installed one of the themes by now and added some posts to it.

Today we are going to talk about adsense and how the cpc fluctuates on each post.

When you have an adsense site up and running and you allready receive clicks on your adsense ads you will immediately note that you that there are some fluctuations in your Cost per Click on each adsense ad.  Sometimes you receive 0.01$ per click and sometimes you get a much higher CPC of around 0.50$. This off course depends in which niche you are and where you place the ads in which content. There are people who make 3-10$ per click, these are the high paying niches like finance, debts consolidation.

how to get more adsense earning

First of all we need to know who are paying for those clicks. Google places an ad on your site dependent on your content you provide to your readers. When a visitor clicks on one of the ads, google gets a big chunk and the webmaster gets a small percentage from the “revenue” that click produced. It’s the advertiser who pays you and google to get his/her ad shown on your site and other sites.  Some advertisers pay low and others pay high to get their ad shown. For example: When you search in google keyword planner you will see that “mortgage pre approval ” gets a cost per click of around 27$!! Why would an advertiser pay such a big amount of money for one ad?

It’s all about return on investment, how much money will advertiser make if he invest an amount of money. The keyword mentioned before is a buying keyword. If someone searches for “mortgage pre approval” it’s almost sure he needs some kind of mortgage right away. The profit he makes is much more then the investment he put in adwords campaign.

Ok now that you know how adsense works we are ready to go to the next step and that is how to get higher cpc for adsense.

If you have a website you should send different traffic like paid traffic,social media traffic, seo to your homepage. The homepage is a page that contains generic information about what the website is about with links to your other posts. If you would put adsense on your homepage you would most likely get a lower cpc then if you had put adsense up on your more specific posts. It’s very simple, the more specific your post is the higher the adsense click will be, because the more targeted the visitors are. This is good for the advertisers which results in a better cpc for the webmaster.

An example: If i would have a website about “How to create a website blog” i would put generic information on the homepage and then tell my visitors to go to a reliable hosting that gives them instant wordpress setup with the domain name order. They click on the linkpost and get redirected to the post about hosting.  Here you put a small review about that specific hosting company you mentioned and integrate adsense code into that post.  You will immediately see instantly different ads and  higher cpc because the topic goes deeper in the hosting niche.

A tip i would give to my readers: Don’t put any adsense on the homepage if the homepage is too generic. Place only max 3 ads on each post and try to put the ads below the fold.


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  1. Great post John. One other thing to mention is that the country the person clicks that ad from will affect the value of the click. For example clicks from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK are worth way more than clicks from Kenya, India, etc.

    • That’s is very true. CPC from 3rd world countries is much lower then from Europe and America. That’s why you need to focus your site around Usa or europe.Thanks for the comment. Hope the post helped you in any way. Keep a look on my other posts.

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