How to do keyword and niche research the right way

keyword and niche research

How to do keyword research the proper way

Before we start with this post i want to tell you that i will not withhold any information to my readers, i will be as transparent as possible and give you all the information that helped me with my online journey. Ok let’s get started.


The basis of SEO starts with keyword research. I always emphasize this part because if you do your keyword research wrong you will not rank in the search engine thus you will not earn any money. So doing keyword research the right way is of the essence.

A good way to do keyword research is finding golden keywords or niches that are untapped. In other words keywords that have very low competition, high commercial value and high cpc.

Many marketers will tell you to buy a keyword research tool or use the free google keyword tool to find keywords and niches. Almost all if these softwares use googles database so the results you will find are the same as when using GKT.  This means it can only find keywords that google wants you to find. They are not great for finding undiscovered or hidden phrases,terms or ideas. Don’t do what the majority does. Why?Simple. If you do the same as what all marketers do you will only find niches and keywords that are oversaturated, in other words too many competition. The trick here is to find niches and keywords that have very low competition and medium searches per month. Try to “think out of the box”. After learning the tricks to find untapped niches and keywords you will have a big advantage on the other 95% webmasters who struggle to make money online. The best tool we will use is our “brain”.

Every time we use the google keyword tool you can insert a keyword and as a result you will get a max of 800 words that are WORD related to that specific keyword. This means the tool will NOT find you keywords that have the same meaning or relation.

For example: if we type in “lose weight” in GKT we will get the following results:

How to lose weight fast, quick weight loss, best way to lose weight, diet etc

You need to realise that these are the results that EVERYONE also sees. These are the tapped niches that have many competition.


GKT will not find you the following types of niches and keywords:

  1. Products that are related to the niche but don’t use that word.
  2. Names of products in that niche.
  3. Names of experts in that field like Weight Watchers,Mitzi Dulan (nutrition expert)
  4. Names of Books or ebooks that are related to that niche.
  5. Deeper big niches, within a niche like: obesity, eating disorder, diabetes.
  6. Slang words that people use in the niche.
  7. Searches with file extensions
  8. Searches with overcomplicated terms

The good thing is that these niches are all untapped, i call the golden nuggets because it’s these keywords and niches that will make you money. You will find  keywords and niches that have low competition and medium monthly searches.

An example of how i found the following keywords:

GKWT–>workout supplements–>prohormones–>halodrol 2400 exact USA searches

Another and easy way is by going to the search engine andtype in a niche you want to work with.I typed in “workout supplements” and searched for images. I got pictures of many workout supplements. I found hemavol which has 1900 exact USA searches  per month.

Google search engine –> workout supplements–>images search–> halodrol 1900 exact usa searches

For the competition research i use a software called Traffic Travis, you can use the free edition for this purpose. Click on the pictures below to make it fit the screen:

halodrol keyword research

As you can see above the top 10 competitors for the keyword halodrol has done quite a lot Onpage optimisation. We will focus more on competition research in another post. Still the backlinks that go to the top 10 are very low. Place 2, 5 and 6 even have 0 backlinks and place 4 has only 4 backlinks. This is a really easy keyword to go after.


keyword research hemavol

The same goes for the keyword hemavol. The competition have again done quite their best on Onpage optimisation but their backlinks to their sites are very low. Again many competitors have 0 backlinks.

Both keywords are easy to rank. You can start a niche site focused on one product or you can start a bigger/authority site with multiple products. The last one takes more time to build and to rank but will earn you more money long-term. Imagine if you can find 5 keywords like those per week, write content and rank easily in top 3 SERPS?

Using the process above can and will find you great untapped niches and keywords you can use for your site. Many times it’s even sufficient to rank without any backlinks creation at all.

If you follow the steps i just described you will find many untapped niches and keywords with low competition. It will take you less then 20-30 minutes to accomplish this. But please take your time to do it right.

Stay tuned for our next post about how to build a wordpress site.

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