How to choose a domain name

how to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name.

After having done your niche and keyword research the next thing is to find a domain name.

Choosing a domain name is very important because it’s the basis of your website. It doesn’t matter if the website

is for personal use or if it’s for a business. A domain name needs to be easy and memorable.

I prefer to use my keywords in domain name but many times you will find out that these are not available.

What can we do next? I will use a keyword purely for educational purpose (this keyword has not been researched):

7 day diet. Go to Dynadot bulk domain search and put in the keyword.

how to choose a domain name


Here you can see that 7day-diet is available. Below you will find the domain names that are preferred. If you can find

a .com without any hyphens it will be better. Try to only use one hyphen in domain name if you the other preferred

domain names are taken.

Below you will find how to choose your domain name.

Preference 1 – www.YourKeywords.com

Preference 2 – www.YourKeywords.org

Preference 3 – www.YourKeywords.net

Preference 4 – www.Your-Keywords.com

Preference 5 – www.Your-Keywords.org

Preference 6 – www.Your-Keywords.net

After registering and setting up the domain name through any registrar we can move to the next stage.



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