How to get more traffic with pay with a social post

how to get traffic: pay with a social post

I have a great tip for you guys today.  This tip leverages traffic from social media sites like twitter and facebook back to your site. it is an extremely effective method of boosting traffic to your blog. The app is called “pay with a social post”.  If you have a product ex. a free ebook or a free software you can exchange your free product with your users by letting them post to any of the following sites: twitter, facebook and google plus.


Before the internet, customers where used to go shopping on highstreets, vendors were (are still) selling their services or products at malls, shops and markets. People paid with money in exchange for goods or services. Times are changing, now we have social media sites where customers can talk to each other,share opinions on stuff and buy goods on online shops through banktransfer or credit card.

Promote your website

A good way to promote your website is by making use of this plugin. You can write an ebook where you leave your link back to your website.  When you finish writing your ebook you visit https://paywithasocialpost.com/ and create your button. Fill in all the information needed and simply paste the code of the button on your webpage linking it to your giveaway page or your product file page.Don’t forget to tell your users that before downloading the ebook or audio file they need to click on the button.When they click on the button they will get redirected to a page that looks like the below screenshot. The user will see your name, your post, a link back to your site and his/her name When the user clicks on the button that says “post it on my wall” he/she will post it to the social sites he/she likes.

pay with a social post

The users who download your ebook will read the ebook and will probably visit your site.  In return you will get mentioned on the above social sites  and capture email address in an optin form to send your subscribers offers and free information.

How you will benefit from this free product:

1. Branding yourself in a specific niche by being mentioned on social sites

2.Building your authority and expertise within your specific niche

3. Converting the subscriber into buying customers by sending them offers they need(to fix their problems).

4. Driving more Instant and Targeted traffic  to your website.



A tip though, to use this plugin to the max you allready need to have an established website with followers allready in place. If you use this on a new website and you have no traffic, it will not work.


Download “pay with a social post”  and comment below about your progress regarding getting traffic, branding your website etc.


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