Free wordpress themes for adsense

free wordpress themes

Many website owners start a website to earn money. There are money ways to do this. Selling products, services, being an affiliate or using adsense on your site. In this post we will discuss the best themes to use for adsense, free and paid ones. So which themes are great to use for Adsense sites?  I have been asked questions rather or not to use one theme on different sites. In my opinion it’s better to diversify the different themes on different sites. Choose a different theme on each site you built. Many who used one theme on multiple adsense sites got penalized.  It won’t be a problem if you are only building one or two big authority sites. Just find a great theme and use it on your site.

But when you want to start building a lot of small niche sites it’s better to use different themes on all your sites.  The reason is that Google has employers who do manual reviews.  If your sites don’t look unique or original and you receive a manual review on your sites the chance is high that all of your sites get penalized and even your adsense  account banned.  Off course we never know what the manual reviewers will decide to do so it’s better to have all your sites as unique as possible.This goes for the design(theme) as well for the content.

I learnt the hard way. 3 years ago i started setting up websites that have the same theme. I got good rankings but then suddenly all my rankings were gone on all of my websites. Then it hit me: I received a manual review and the guys at google decided to penalize all of my sites.  So since then i decided to use different themes and build more original sites with original content that drive visitors to my site.

free wordpress themes

Always try to take your time when building a niche adsense site.  Try to customize the themes and change colors through the theme editor you can find in your wordpress dashboard. Write original content for your readers that describe and answers their problem.

So no more further adue, here is a list of the free and paid wordpress themes i use for my sites.


1. Bluesense – Blue sense and Prosense are the 2 themes i used on all of my sites 3 years ago. They both have a great Click Through Rate. I have seen many sites that use these 2 themes got penalized. I don’t think you get penalized when you use each theme on one site.Always diversy your themes and all will be fine.

2. Prosense Grey – Another free theme by DoshDosh, like Bluesense. I am not sure if you still can use both these themes nowadays because they don’t receive updates anymore. I am not sure though because i haven’t used them for a while.

3. Page lines

4. Magazine1

5. Admirable Theme

6. Photoria Theme: This theme is a great free photography WordPress Theme designed for 2011.Photoria designed by WPZoom is one good looking theme

7.  Ari Theme: This is a great, minimalist free wordpress theme with a layout that is not typically seen (content in the middle with two sidebars on either side). This theme is GREAT for selling products and we especially like how the sidebars follow the visitor down the page when scrolling. Clean lines, a great look, what more could you ask for in a Free WordPress Theme?

8. zBench theme

9. EvoLve Theme

10. Arjuna X theme

11. Light and Modern Theme

12. zeeDisplay Theme by ThemeZee.com

13. Baza Noclegowa Theme

14. Light Clean Blue Theme

15. Minimal Georgia Theme

16. Mflat theme

17. Magazine Basic Theme

18 – 30. Fthemes.com – I have probably used all of the free themes these guys produce.They have good looking themes with many features. If you don’t  mind the footer then you are good to go. If you want to remove the footer though you need to pay $19 pe theme.over a dozen free themes from this site.

31. Application Theme

32. Jenny Theme by SpeckyGeek.com

33. iBlog Theme

34. Whitehouse Theme

35. Intrepidity Theme

36. Magnolia Theme

37. SilverRay by BlogPerfume.com

38. Original Premium News by WooThemes

39.   Green Park 2 by Cordobo.com

40. DarkZen by DailyBlogTips


41. iFeature theme


42. iStudio theme

42.  Platform theme



Paid themes

43. The Thesis Theme for WordPress: Used by many internet marketers i know. A very good seo optimised theme which has many features. One of the great feature it has is that you can completely change your theme without knowing alot about design.

44. WooThemes – Premium WordPress Templates:  Very known designer who builts great themes that can be customized easily trhough backend.

45. Busy Bee by WooThemes: It’s one of my favorites. This theme is my personal favorite and the one I began to use to model my blog after.It has good looking drop down menus, 9 ad placements, a Twitter feature, and a completely widgetized sidebar and footer. You can choose between many color schemes and many more.

46. ThemeForest.com – I have purchased a couple premium themes from ThemeForest;  you can  choose between a lot of eyecatching themes that have many features which the free themes lack.

If you know some additional themes you would like to share don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment so i can add them to the list. You can also leave a question that has to do with themes so we can discuss further.  


I am a full time Blogger and Marketeer. I have 3 years experience in Blogging, Seo and online Marketing. I write about different subjects and give tips and tutorials on Seo Marketing.


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