Fix Issues and problems WordPress 3.9 update

wordpress 3.9 issues and troubleshooting

Upgrading to WordPress 3.9

Today i want to talk about the issue that many wordpress users have when upgrading to wordpress 3.9. When they try to edit their post they see a blank page without the content they have written in the past.

Don’t be ¬†afraid.Your content is still on your website, your visitors can still find and read all your posts and pages.

The problem is most likely with one or more of your plugins. Some of the plugins you have installed in the past are now not compatible with WordPress 3.9 upgrade. This can be due to the fact that the plugins were not updated yet to work with this upgrade.

The best thing to do right now is to update all of your plugins. If you then still have the empty post problem deactivate all your plugins at once and then activate them again one by one. You can disable your plugins by going to “Plugins” –>”Installed Plugins” , next to the plugins you will see a disable button. Just click on it. The same for activating the plugin again. Just click on Activate.¬†When you activate first plugin go to Posts–>Edit and see if the content is there or not. If the content is there then the plugin is compatible with wordpress 3.9. If your editor page is blank then you know that the plugin conflicts with the update. If so then deactivate the plugin. Activate it only when it’s updated and working again.

wordpress 3.9 issues and troubleshooting


The plugins that do work with the latest wordpress update:

Akismet, All in one SEO pack, si captcha anti-spam.


Most webmasters think that having alot of wordpress plugins will do their site any good. I tell this many times to my readers. This is totally not true. So don’t overdo with installing as many plugins as possible.

Disadvantages of having too many plugins are:

– the plugins can slow your site down immensly which will cause your site to get lower rankings in search engines.

– plugins can cause your site to break.

– plugins can take your entire website offline


When you have issues after any windows update always try to do the above steps to troubleshoot the issue(s) that occur.


Leave a comment in the comment section below if you had this same issue and if you have resolved it with the tips i discussed.



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