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We all know what kind of impact social media can have for your website.  But do we know how to implement the strategies to drive targeted visitors to your site? In this post i want to show you how to get maximum exposure to your site using social media site Facebook.

Facebook is the number 1 social site in the world and many companies are using this site for more brand exposure which in the end results in  more sales.

Create facebook fanpage:

First thing is first. You need to have a facebook fanpage first. If you don’t know how to develop a fanpage you can hire someone at odesk or freelancer site for less then $20 to do it for you. Why do you need a fanpage you ask yourself?Many business are now diving in the social media sites because they know (eager buying visitors) that’s the place to get sales. We will talk about fan pages in another post.


Ok let’s start by registering to facebook. Go to facebook and register yourself, fill in all the fields and upload your photo.

Im going to teach your four points today to use on a daily basis.drive traffic from facebook

Update your status:

The moment you login you will see many people that update their status each day, sometimes even more then ones per day.You can do the same and leave your url at the end of the status update. Don’t use the url of your sales page but try to type in the  posturl. You will then drive traffic through to your website which in turn can result in sales. It off course all depends of the copy writing you have done.

Remember not to push people through to your sales page or product pages.This is a networking site, the more you add value the more you will be seen as an authority in that niche and you will get more respect and interest that you deserve. It’s ok to lead visitors to your sales page now and again but try to update your status with links to videos and blogs that might/will interest your facebook friends.The first thing i will do is updating my status when logging in. Try to look around and see what people with authority on your niche have to say in their status update. Do the same but before clicking on the save button you need to cut copy the status update. When you do this you will get an option to choose from pictures that can be found on the site where the link/url goes to. Also you will receive a portion of the sentences of the site, which is great.


Add friends:

Now you think how am i going to get friends?Because you are starting a business it’s better not to add friends and familiy to your facebook page. What you need to do is find people out there in this massive network who are interested in the products or services you have to offer. How are we going to find these people? First go to the search form that you will find on the top right side. Then type in the keywords or category of your niche. For example i will put down “home based business”.  You then receive a list of results. We are not interested in pages,applications or groups, we are interested in people. So click the button on the left side that states “People”. You will get a list of people, you can filter this down further depending on where you are or live. What you can do now is click on one of them and “add as a friend” and click “send request”. Do this no more then 20 times per day otherwise facebook will see you as a spammer and as a result your account will be deleted. That’s what you all need to do to build a day to day friends list which need to be treated as a prospect list.

Respond to people you added

What are we going to do with these people once they accept your friend request? Some will accept your friend request, some don’t because they are not interested. What are we going to do, how are we going to generate traffic to make money from these people?What we are going to do is click on the button that states “notifications” on the bottom right.Click on the people who accepted your friends request and send them a message as follow. We then create an email template and introduce ourself and what we do. Add 1-2 links in the mail and show interest in what they do by asking the following question: “It would be good to hear more about what you do?”  In any business you need to show interest to your prospect or your business will not last for long. So step 3 is responding to people you added and spread the links (in the email you just created) to people who might be interested in your products/services. You will see results around 1000 friends, facebook allows a maximum of 5000 friends. It looks hard to reach this point but if you stay focused and disciplined you will reach this amount soon. Another tip is to create 1 or 2 more accounts. Facebook allows you to use multiple account which will result to get you more friend request.


If someone is interested in an example email template just mail me or comment below.



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