Buy website traffic

buy website traffic

Buy website traffic – What is it?

If you want to start an online business and want to make money on the internet, your  main focus is to get targeted visitors. You can get targeted visitors to your site when you buy website traffic. Why i write target visitors and not just any visitor? Because a targeted visitor is someone who  is specifally looking for information, products or services that you have to offer. The general visitor will come to your site and read the information but will leave your site because they are not interested in what you have to offer. A Targeted visitor is the only traffic  that can lead to a sale.

Without visitors you will never make a sale, right? It’s exactly the same as in the offline world. If you don’t start a marketing campaign no one will be aware of your products or services you sell. So now you know that you need to focus on targeted visitors.  There are 2 ways to get visitors to your site.

1. Seo: Search engine optimisation means that you need to optimise your pages so that your keywords rank well in the search engines. Some seo steps are keyword research, onpage optimisation like adding keyword in title,h1 etc and offpage optimisation for building backlinks to your site. The disadvantage of this step is that it takes a long time to get visitors to your site and if you do it wrong it’s impossible to get your site ranked in the search engines at all.

2. Buy website traffic: You can buy website traffic through Adwords, Yahoo advertising and many other big advertising companies. You need to start an ad campaign and each time someone clicks on your banner the visitors lands on your page where you sell your products or services. Each click will cost you money even when the visitors doesn’t buy from your site. The advantage is if you set up your ad campaign right you can have targeted visitors the same hour that are eager to buy from you.

Why should you buy website traffic?


buy website trafficMany times webmasters for some reason can’t get ranked for their main and important keywords. This can be due to bad keyword research, tough top 10 competition, use of blackhat backlink building strategies or for any other reason. Even if you do succeed to land your keywords in the top 10 ranking it still takes time to do so. This can be from some month to even some years waiting to get enough visitors to make a profit. Many can’t wait for so long to see results.(income)

For these kind of webmasters, it is better to buy website traffic. Well to be honest before starting a website you need to ask yourself the following questions: How much can i invest and how much can i get in return in the long run?

At the beginning stage you can buy website traffic to get visitors on your site the same day you start your ad campaign. These visitors can convert to a sale.


Buy website traffic – Up and Downside

So you took action and you took your time to do your ad campaign and you start seeing clicks on your banners that redirect to your site. Each visitor that clicked on your ad will see your landing page. This means you get direct traffic the moment someone clicks on your banner. No more waiting for organic results, receive visitors the same moment you activate your campaign ad.

Now the most important thing is to convert this visitor to buy your product or service you offer. The disadvantage of this concept is that buying website traffic generates visitors for a one time visit. These visitors are mostly not recurring visitors, they visit your site mostly one time. Another disadvantage when you buy web traffic is that you are not garantueed that the targeted traffic will result in a sale and you still pay for each click which can be between 0.10 – 5$ or more.


Conclusion:  If you want to buy website traffic you need to consider that most of the times the clicks are not cheap. Many webmasters never used adwords or any other adnetwork before and they try to setup an ad campaign without doing more research on the subject. Most of the time they make a big loss and never use these ad campaigns ever again. If you feel you are in the same situation as described above it’s better to outsource such a big project to an expert so that he can maximise your profit as high as possible when you buy website traffic.

You can hire seo-titan for your adwords campaigns.  Click here if you want more information about how to buy website traffic.


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