Adwords External keyword tool VS Keyword planner

Differences between adwords external keyword tool and Adwords keyword planner.

When i logged in to my adwords account a couple a days ago i found out that the external keyword tool had been replaced by what google calls the keyword planner. They announced this change at beginning of june and now its finally there.

I am not sure why google made this change but in my opinion it will have  a better user experience.

keyword planner

So what are the differences between the old google adwords keyword tool and the new keyword planner?

1. Match types:

Google removed the broad and phrase match type, you can only use exact match type in keyword planner. This is a good thing for internet marketeers when doing niche research.

2. Monthly searches:

With keyword planner you will see higher monthly searches for a specific keyword because google has included also tablets and phones in their searches, comparing to adwords keyword tool which only showed average monthly searches for desktop and laptops.

Again this is great because each day more tablet and phone users use the internet to find or even buy things online. This way keyword planner is better updated then the old tool.

3.  Different colums changes:

Approx. CPC (Search):  This column has been replaced by average CPC which is a great feature.

I never relied on the Approx. CPC  because that’s not the amount you would receive if someone clicked on your Adsense ads.You would receive much les then that

Before I always used traffic estimator for cpc but now I don’t have to.


Local monthly searches and global monthly searches: This column has been remove, which in my opinion is not good. I could see immediately the difference between the two and from there on i just click local search trends to look for the second best monthly searches for a country so i can target that country also.

If you are doing  local seo, this tool is great to use. It has an option to target keywords in a specific zone of a country. The old tool could only find keywords for a country.

You can still use global monthly searches and local monthly searches but you need to change this in settings.


I will update this post when i have time to do more research.

What do you think about this new keyword planner tool?Please leave a comment below so we can discuss further.



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