About Me

Hello my beloved readers! I want to personally welcome you to my blog.

My name is John Bocata,  I’m 31 years old and I was born and raised in the USA.

In the past i have read so many blogs and i tried to learn from the information those blog gave for free.  I invested alot of my money in buying expensive courses and ebooks. For some reason all of these so called gurus never mentioned the whole story behind making money online. I could kiss my money goodbye. I knew there was an opportunity online to make money. I knew that there were countless people making a living online and i just did not give up.

Then years later i started my own journey online and created my own blogs. I learnt from mistakes and started case studies of what works and what doesn’t. Today i am an experienced seo marketeer that knows how to attract visitors and change those visitors into buying customers.

I will share all my experience and knowledge with you and if you follow all my steps i will garantuee that you won’t fail in your online journey.

Some major things have changed my live in the success i enjoy now:

I focused on doing my own research of all the information i could find online. I took the time to learn the online business. Gathering information about seo and affiliate marketing takes a long time to absorb. After finding the information and learning the ins and outs of the gurus I then took action and looked for things that really work. I made my first sale of around $200 a couple of years ago and i jumped a hole in the sealing. I was so happy earning money online without lifting a finger. This gave me more strength to go for a higher monthly earning. $200 is not much if you have to live of it. I then took all the steps that worked and each month i earned more and more. Up till now i am still learning more and more.


So just have FUN and learn from my blog posts and off course take ACTION. If you have any question about any blog post to forget to leave a comment so i can help you out.



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